The reasons for denying

Today, historians continue to argue about the causes of skin depriving, naming the number of precipitating factors, stress, genes, viruses, weak immune system and allergies. This disease is really often occurs after viral infections – and he is exposed to absolutely all age categories, and the duration of relapses can be several years.

To begin skin herpes can gradually and suddenly appear on the skin itchy pink spot, which people cauterize iodine.

The main reason for the development depriving scientists call fungi or viruses, but the exact mechanism of infection is still neustanovena because not everyone is included in group of risk of skin infected with ringworm. The disease most often occurs in the background such predraspolagatmi factors as reduced immunity, heredity, constant stress, diabetes and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. There are five types of cutaneous lichen – flat, shingles, barn itch, pink and scaly.

The treatment of lichen

Treatment lishainik diseases should be supervised by an experienced dermatologist. In connection with different pathogens zoster, drug therapy must be selected on a strictly individual basis and only after determining the specific pathogen. In treatment of cutaneous lichen usually prescribed anti-fungal, soothing and antihistamines, which can be supplemented by antidepressants and antiviral drugs.

In the treatment of cutaneous lichen is extremely important to avoid contact with household chemicals, household dust and other possible irritants.

Also deprive the patient should follow a diet that excludes the use of alcohol, strong coffee, chocolate, canned and smoked. Symptoms of lichen are treated with various ointments and physiotherapy – at the same time it is necessary to treat comorbidities.

Many effective tools that help in cutaneous lichen can be found in folk medicine. So, well established packs of cranberry juice or cranberry, grated beetroot, sea-buckthorn and undiluted Apple cider vinegar. You can also take sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon a day and on an empty stomach.

Remember that self-treatment for skin lichen to do is very dangerous – it can lead to complications, unforeseen consequences and the overflow of the disease in the intractable chronic form.