For this foam or Board cut out disc with a diameter in the range of 15 cm, its Thickness should be not more than 2-3 cm At the center, make a through hole of 15 mm under the probe. Along the entire circumference at the edge is cut a groove to a depth of 10 mm. And from one side is a small slot for securing a fishing line.
All the roughness on the surface is carefully polished. Then the circle is impregnated with varnish and paint. On the lower side applied with a white color, and for the top pick red, orange and other bright colors. This is necessary to ensure that pike is well seen from afar the circle. Overall, it should remind the coil from under the fishing line.
Made wooden peg diameter through-hole, dyed in the color of the top part of the circle with a black vertical stripe in the middle. Fix it to the hole for proper contact use rubber rings or tube. The main length of the peg should protrude above the top side of the circle. At the tip of the cut groove by 15 mm.
The club is equipped with a durable fishing line length up to 15 m. the Double loop is fixed and is wound by the diameter in the groove. Then inserted into the side slot and held there with a piece of rubber, then conducted through the groove at the tip of the peg. Then at the end of the line put the sliding load and the bullet.
Metal leash is equipped with a single hook, or double tee, which is placed on the bait fish to the back or the lip. The leash is attached to a fishing line and lowered into the water. The length of the drawn from the line of the circle need to measure so that the bait could swim almost at the bottom. Club for pike ready for fishing.