You will need
  • decal;
  • mug;
  • - heat press machine;
  • printer with sublimation ink.
There are two ways of drawing pictures on mugs, but in any case, dishes must be made entirely of ceramics. One of the most enduring images in the glass is sublimation printing. Prepare the mug heat press machine and printer with sublimation ink. Dishes that you will cause the image must be smooth and uniform. Usually for such purposes are best suited with white glasses.
Click on the computer picture (photo) that are going to put on a mug-gift and print it. Once the photo is ready, add the image to the press. When it will otkatilsya" on the mug, carefully look how clear it turned out the figure if it has white spots, etc. Usually, if heat press machine new (or well-functioning), it is quite clear, bright and steady image. It almost felt to the touch.
Try another way. For the application photo on a mug you will need a decal. The basis of this method lies the principle of the decals that were sold in the USSR. Then they were soaked in water and applied to a solid surface. The same thing you have to do now. Pour into a small bowl of clean water, then dip the decal in there for 3-5 minutes.
After the specified time, remove it from the water and put on the mug so that there was no irregularities. Try to push the image to the glass as tightly as possible (it should not move). Ensure that stamped all of the pictures.
Then put a Cup with decal in the oven for 10 minutes. The image caused in this way, it will be very hard to hold on to. Its only drawback is that the sticker is palpable.