How to sell dolls through the Internet

The Internet provides an excellent opportunity for masters of arts and crafts to sell their work. There are a large number of popular sites where you can sell handmade items. The master must be very attentive to the development of this direction. For this you need to do the following:
- to perform several works
- make high-quality photos, allowing to consider the doll from different sides
- add an interesting description
- choose the site where you plan to sell your work
- register and open your own shop

This is a priority that needs to be done. Do not think that opening your store, you immediately begin to get more profit. Competition among artists is very large, so you need to work hard. Think about what you can offer additionally. It could be gifts, free packaging, promotions, various master classes.To your store to find out how more visitors, work on the dissemination of information. Starting to sell dolls that do not stop on the achieved progress. Work on improving the range, follow the fashion trends. The best time for sale of hand-made dolls are the holidays. Get ready for them in advance, make a themed puppet.

Face-to-face with the buyer

Participation in exhibitions of decorative art provides an additional opportunity for sales of the dolls. Get ready for the exhibition carefully. Original will make your trading place. It should attract the attention of buyers, to distinguish it from other outlets. Stock up on packing materials. Make a puppet. To such events are more likely to buy low-cost operation. So use the exhibition as an advertising platform for expensive dolls. Prepare small brochures, business cards. The future buyer must know how to contact you if he deems it necessary. Very often the likelihood of an expensive purchase occurs on the eve of various holidays.

Dolls can put the implementation in shops selling handmade goods. However, given the trading margin, the cost of your work will grow significantly. As one of the options - opening their own shop. Teaming up with other artists, you can open a joint shop. Rent a square, divide the costs of the store, assign responsibilities for records management. By doing so, you will easily be able to manage the trade point. And pricing is going to depend on you.

The approach to the sale of hand-made dolls depends on their value. Normal "tilde" and "talismans" are from 200 rubles. But more collectible dolls can be very, very expensive. Therefore, the approach to selling these dolls is different. To sell expensive work, looking for people with significant financial resources. Use friends, participate in specialized exhibitions for the sale of expensive luxury goods. Find an online store that sells goods only in this direction. After completing all the recommendations, you will successfully be able to sell the handmade dolls.