Cross stitch is considered to be a fairly simple form of needlework. That is why it is not always willing to buy. However, if you wish, you can sell it.
If you are going to sell the painting, embroidered with a cross, don't count on too much revenue. According to experts, the average cost will be within just a couple of thousand rubles.

Where to sell paintings, embroidery

To sell paintings, embroidery a variety of ways. The easiest is to use the Internet. There are a huge number of stores, organized by type of fairs of craftsmen, which all exhibit their work for sale. Of course, it is worth considering that the competition here is quite high, so I count on achieving success.
Carefully examine the offered range. Based on this, you will understand whether it is worth to post my work here. Maybe you should if there is some artistic creations against your Bunny, look for another resource.

Alternatively, you can set your embroidery for sale and to advertise their services as a special master in a variety of thematic communities in social networks (LiveJournal, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.). They usually assumed, and the "For sale". This option is good because you can monitor the price of the work has already been exhibited there. This will help you to choose your own price tag.

It is believed that trying to sell your work on the forums is useless, because nobody will buy them. However, experts believe that it is not. After all, in such branches of conversations often go investigators. Besides the thematic forums "drop out" when the search queries most often.

You can also include their own work in shop design. Some of them sometimes get such work, then to offer them to your customers. Especially well leaving such embroidery in the overall plan design if the company is a full project of home improvement.

There is an option to sell their embroidery at various weekend markets. Enough to come to her and stand in free space to sell their work. The advantage is, if you place it in a frame.

How can you increase your chances

To improve the chances of selling embroidery, it is finished. For example, you can further decorate it with beads or add embroidery with ribbons.

Especially popular are the embroidered icons. Especially if they are consecrated, placed in the appropriate frame and previously received a work permit from the priest. The cost of these handmade paintings comes to 7 000-10 000 p.