First and foremost, you need to prepare the model and to come up with a sketch of the doll, as well as to determine where it will be connected to movable parts of the doll. Apply the thumbnail of the attachment locations of the joints. Clamp the joints of the doll with a hat elastic.
From paperclay or modelling clay vilaite parts of the doll, sand and smooth them and then paint. Determine which side of the part is the hole for pouring the porcelain – this hole should not be visible in the finished doll. To detail dolls dolemite funnel through which you pour the liquid porcelain. Divide the details into two or three parts, holding the line of incision in places difficult terrain.
Now let's focus on removing forms from clay to make podmogilny, oblepicha model along the marked line of division, and then make it recess back side of the pencil. The edges of podmodelnuju from clay make the sides, then prepare a mixture of plaster, whip it and pour in podmogilny.
When the first part of the form hardens, remove podmogilny and lubricate detail of the form with vaseline. Make the sides and pour the plaster. Of the form reanimate and remove the model. The edge of the form sand. Dry form for two to three days at room temperature. Gather together the dry form and pull her elastic or wire, leaving the desired location of the hole for pouring porcelain.
Porcelain mix and pour into the prepared funnel to the brim shape, pouring slowly to avoid air bubbles. After five minutes drain the remaining porcelain from the molds, and after three hours, remove the rubber bands and disconnect form. Carefully remove the porcelain detail, cut off the funnel and make holes according to the scheme of fastening of the joints. Manufacture in this way the head, torso, arms and legs of the doll.
Dry the parts and sand the seams, the remainder of the form before firing. Then anneal porcelain items, observing the rules of change of temperature in a furnace, and finally, when the part has cooled, begin to paint a doll's face, using acrylic paint on ceramics and porcelain.
Assemble the doll together using a hat elastic, first securing the body on both hands, and then securing the head to the feet. Push the loop through the metal washer, so it does not slide off. Now all you have to modify the doll to come up with clothes, accessories, make her hair.