Causes of stagnation of milk in the breast

As a rule, the milk stagnation occurs when any part of the chest there is no movement. Milk tube in this case forms a barrier. The result is swelling of the breast tissue. This is followed by pain, the formation of seals, redness and rise in temperature.

Causes of stagnation of breast milk may be different. The most common is too much time between feedings. In this case, the milk literally stagnates in the chest without any promotion.

Often the problem occurs when a mother feeds her child in the same position or sleeping on one side. In this case, in some areas of the breast (mostly the armpits) is suspended the natural movement of milk.

Stagnation of breast milk can also trigger the following reasons:

- General tiredness and lack of sleep;
- change of weather;
- insufficient fluid in the body;
- a wrong diet;
- wrong underwear for feeding;
- pumping after each feeding.

In any case, if you are faced with the problem of stagnation of milk, you should consult with a qualified professional. An experienced doctor will give you helpful advice and tips.

Useful tips

At the first signs of stagnation of breast milk, often try to offer the breast to the child. Try to change the position of the baby when feeding.
Remember: when the sucking child more work the lower jaw. That is why the milk he sucks from the best part of your chest, pointing the chin. To cope with the stagnation, try to consider this fact.

If the severity and the seal of the chest is observed in the armpits, it is best a child will resolve it in the situation out of hand. Feeding lying on your side will help to cope with stagnation at the middle of the chest.

Very often such shifts position during feedings help to cope with stagnation of breast milk. If you still require additional pumping of the breast, then hold them recommended as follows. The first step is to apply a warm compress for 5-7 minutes. This procedure ensures a good outflow of milk. Then gently and carefully you need to massage the place of stagnation. Only then you can move on to pumping milk, giving special attention to the area of stagnation. To reduce swelling of the tissues for 5-7 minutes apply a cold compress.