How to understand that the baby little milk

You need to pay attention to the condition of the baby. To see that there is not enough breast milk can be on several grounds: the baby cries a lot and does not sleep for a long time and breastfeeding. To check whether the child eats, use weights. Kids can take in the clinic for rent. Naked baby is weighed before feeding and immediately after. In a situation when he eats too little milk, mocheispuskanie is rare and concentrated, the urine becomes bright yellow. With long-term difficulties with lactation in lactating mothers her baby is gaining little weight during the month. The lack of increase required to pay attention to the pediatrician at the next preventive appointment.

There's another sign that a nursing mother is not enough breast milk. She doesn't feel hot flashes, chest is constantly empty and no time to fill in between feedings. When a lot of milk it is thick, heavy, with a mild pressure on the area around the nipple Squirting from the jet. If all this woman is not watching, then it is probably a little breast milk.

What to do to increase lactation

Abundant hot drink is mandatory for any nursing mom. Best drink to increase lactation – hot tea with milk. Whole milk is not recommended because of the high risk of Allergy and colic in infants. A mug of hot drink it is advisable to drink for a while before feeding so the milk had to rush to the chest. About 30 minutes for this stop.

If there is not enough breast milk to feed the child on need feeding frequently. In this case, it is not necessary to comply with a 3-4 hour break. Some nursing mothers say that the baby is literally "hung" on his chest for hours when he was little milk. This is normal, this period just has to be endured. Frequent and long feeding enhance lactation, milk a couple of days will be more. It is especially important to feed a lot at night. In the dark actively secretes the hormone that regulates lactation. The more a mother puts a night to the breast, the more milk she produces for the next day.

To help a nursing mom to a special tea to increase lactation. You can buy them in a pharmacy or supermarket. Not everyone shares the opinion about the effectiveness of this tool. But many of these teas contain herbs with a sedative effect. It helps to calm down in difficult times, when there is not enough breast milk.

A relaxed emotional state of the mother – key to the restoration of lactation in the required little volume. Yes, and the child will be less crying, feeling confident mother. The average period of lactation crisis, when milk is not enough or not at all, lasts several days, sometimes a week. This period is prolonged in the case when a woman is experiencing severe stress. For example, a little milk was in the time of the funeral some of the relatives or friends of the woman. Vivid negative experience affects the General condition of the mother and on her ability to continue breastfeeding. No need to panic, lactation can usually be reconstructed.

But there are times when you have to spend a lot of mental and physical strength to feed the baby only breast milk. Then the nursing mother should be asking yourself: is it really so important to continue to fight for breastfeeding or introduce formula? Sometimes it is more useful for the psychological state of the mother to end this fighting and go to artificial feeding. Breast milk will not be any good if the woman with tears at each feeding trying to squeeze out a little milk, blames himself for his lack and all the forces fighting to continue to feed your baby up to a year.