There is a blanket for a newborn?

Today the market offers a variety of baby blankets for the newborn, various, both in color and material from which they were made, and even in form. Duvets are very popular, as eco-friendly, incredibly easy, made exclusively from natural materials, perfectly "breathe" and warm. But there are drawbacks – syreyut very quickly and require regular dry may cause allergies in children.

Cotton blankets are made from wool does not cause allergies, to retain the heat. However, they are too heavy, strongly absorb odors and moisture, over time, gather in clumps.

Blankets absorb moisture, but from the first two it quickly weathered, remain dry, are made of natural materials, warm, breathable. There are knitted, woven and quilted.

Fur baby blanket in the crib of the newborn is usually not placed. It is used for sheltering child during a winter walk.

Synthetic blankets are the most affordable. They are airy, hypoallergenic, hold heat well and do not require special care. They can be easily washed both by hand or on a typewriter.

Flannelette blanket – soft, gentle, no irritation to baby skin, incredibly comfortable. Made of 100% cotton. Suitable for summer.

Blanket fleece is hypoallergenic, does not overheat the baby's skin, keeps the desired temperature. Thin enough.

Modern quilt for a newborn transformer made according to the principle "2 in 1" can quickly be converted from a regular blanket in an envelope. It will be useful not only at home but also for walks with the baby. Can be made of various natural materials.

Requirements for children's quilts

When choosing a Comforter you need to focus on the season. So, the first 5 types of data products, discussed just above, perfect for cold autumn and winter weather, the other for warm summer and spring. In addition, you must pay attention to the blankets according to requirements such as: good performance of heat; the ability to transmit air; a hygroscopicity (the product in the evaporation of moisture must maintain a warm temperature); ease; hygiene.

Additionally, a blanket for a newborn should be easy to fade, do not require special care, to be incapable of deformation to be easy to use. It is still very important to take into account such factors as natural materials, of which was made the blanket. It must be very high quality. Otherwise the baby's skin will appear irritation. Is available from 2 duvets (winter and summer). Even better, just a few so they have enough for all occasions.

Right size of baby blanket

The most common size blanket for a newborn is one 120х90 see But if you want you can find and use articles of other sizes, for example, 110х140 see When you select guided, the size of the cot is what duvet covers you have, etc.

If you take into account these recommendations, you will understand what should be the blanket for a newborn and can easily choose the best for your child.