Blankets come in different sizes, so it is necessary to determine whether this bedding set is used only in the infantile period, or is it better to take it for growth. In the latter case, acquiring a child quilt a little larger, you can use it for quite a long period of time. In addition, the blanket should not be the only as it is necessary to consider also the time of year: that is, one must be easy, for example, Baikov, and the second warm. Having the huge range of children's facilities, sometimes it is difficult to make a choice.
Baby blanket padding or hollofayber light and warm, perfectly erased in the washing machine, without causing problems to care for them. The case for it is traditionally made of cotton printed fabrics with colorful patterns cute characters. However, a significant drawback is the lack of permeability and accumulation of electrostatic charge.
Very warm is a cotton product, as in the usual layer of cotton wool, which consists of cellulose, which is a natural product. Absorbs excess moisture, retains heat well, has the breathability. However, it has its flaws, namely, this blanket is heavy enough. The product problem care is too heavy for washing and long time drying. In addition, wool can absorb odors, to roll, to stray into lumps, which eventually leads to the loss of original qualities.
Wool blanket is as a filler in natural fiber. It is perfectly suited for this kind of articles, but only if the child is not allergic to wool. Has exceptional qualities: it absorbs excess moisture, very warm, has good breathability. Features manufacturer prevent pilling of the wool in clumps. Cover is usually sewn from natural fabrics like cotton or silk. However, the blanket conveniently enough care so as to wash it is impossible, and for processing requires chemical cleaning. In addition, the wool can be a lure for moths.
A good option for a child's duvet is a blanket, having a natural filler. Thanks to him, the product has a light weight, perfectly absorbs moisture and also has qualities such as breathability, high-quality insulation and absorption of excess moisture. The case is sewn double: the inner layer is placed a wool filler, and then the product is decorated with natural fabrics. However, the fluff, sometimes even after treatment, has the remains of feather mites that can cause symptoms of baby Allergy.
Ideally, the qualities of the silk, as the filler used in the fiber of silkworm cocoons. It is this blanket meets all the standards, which include breathability, good moisture absorption, no electrostatic charge. In addition, it is very warm, can not be the cause of allergies and does not cause problems with care. The cover quilt is sewn from high quality natural materials. The only drawback can be considered as its cost, which in comparison with other options is much higher.