Sintepon – a word so popular that even manufacturers call them different products related to low price category. As a result, the concept has gained a negative connotation. However, in this negative context, the textile factory continue to produce products from polyester, so there is a demand.
So, what constitutes a synthetic winterizer? A non-woven volumetric material consisting of polyester fibers, which are bonded to additional bonding material or high-tech treatment. The main positive properties of this material are lightness, large volume, good ability to retain heat.
Especially solid products are obtained if the manufacturer used polyester fiber, adhesive United way. However, this filling quickly loses its properties. It is more affected by temperature and moisture.

If the manufacturer used polyester fibers, United by the thermal method, the product will be less pomp, but the result will be a smooth and high quality. The blanket with the filler will retain its elasticity, will not cause Allergy, will not allocate harmful substances.
Different types of fillers are used for tailoring and outerwear, and warm blankets. Accordingly, if the polyester fiber blanket, the lush structure, then filler produced by the glue method. If quilted blanket less bulky, but smooth and elastic feel, then filling it produced thermally. This product will be the best choice.
In addition, the positive properties of polyester fiber blankets can be attributed to their easy cleaning in use. Quilt with quality batting easily carries Laundry in a home washing machine and drying in a centrifuge. Just keep in mind, sintepon filler is short-lived. It easily loses its shape with frequent mechanical impact.