The basic rules of selection of things for baby

Buying clothes for a newborn, it is important to consider that the skin of the kid very thin and gentle, therefore it will not fit undershirts and Romper with inner seams, especially if the seams are rough. It is better to choose those things, the seams of which are located on the front side.

When choosing clothes for your child, do not try to buy from a lot of things. Children grow fast and baby clothes should be matched in size, it is in any case should not squeeze the body of the child and hamper his movements. Therefore it is best to buy things gradually as the baby grows and develops.

Pay special attention to the quality of the materials from which manufactured items for the newborn. Try to buy clothes made from natural fabrics, because synthetic materials bad leak air, and leather scraps need to "breathe". It is not necessary to buy things, full of different rubber bands and ties. Clothing should not cause the baby discomfort, and therefore, the easier it will be cut sliders and raspashonok, the better for the child.

Things needed in the first months of life

The baby, besides diapers and diapers, you will need a whole list of things. So before you go shopping, think carefully about this list, because in such a matter as the choice of items for a newborn, there are no trifles.

Buying sliders, stop your choice on those models which have straps that buttoned at the top. The sliders on the elastic band is not suitable for a newborn baby, worth buying for older children.

Making a list of things to buy for baby, to include such a thing as the body. The fact is that most kids don't like when they change, the diaper change turns to parents. Putting the child body, buttoned at the bottom, you will be able to quickly change a diaper, causing the baby much discomfort.

Booties in the first months of life can be useful only as a "heater" for little feet. For babies it is better to take soft, like socks, booties. As for the socks, by the year, they will be needed in large numbers, and for a newborn is enough to have two pairs of socks with soft elastic band, do not squeeze the legs.

Vests it is better to choose the ones that fasten on the shoulders, without causing the baby discomfort. These vests are very easy to put on and off. It would be just great if you buy a few vests with a jotted sleeves ("scratchy"). However, don't constantly put on a little blouse, because the child must learn to comprehend the world, and with closed palms fabric to do this it will be much harder. Undershirts with "scratchy" it is better to wear, putting the baby to sleep.

As for the caps, they are needed only in the first two months of baby's life, so don't stock up on them for future use. Buy caps from natural fabrics and careful stitching on them were located on the front side.