Advice 1: How to dress a newborn in the hospital

In pregnant women, not necessarily those who are waiting for their first child, but also experienced, always a lot of doubts and questions. Very often pregnant women decide for themselves the problem, what to dress a newborn baby in the hospitalis, And if you conduct a survey, the opinions about it diverge.
How to dress a newborn in the hospital
First and foremost, review the requirements in the hospital where you are going to give birth. There are those medical institutions that are allowed to bring to the newly born baby my stuff. As a rule, these hospitals reigns rejection of the system changing. The infant was immediately put on a vest with closed fingers (this is necessary to prevent the child from scratching themselves as small, but sharp nail) and sliders. Such clothing allows the child to freely swing your arms and legs to explore the world and to feel that he can move.
There is the hospital, where there is strict rules that mothers observe from the Soviet era. It is assumed that the baby, still unable to coordinate their movements and not knowing what was happening, and that it hovers above it, frightened. So, getting nervous, long time can not calm down. So clothes only need vests and diapers - because it will regularly swaddle.
In some hospitals in pursuit of sterility are not allowed to bring your stuff in the postnatal ward. There are mothers and babies are given state-owned linen. Usually it's all the same undershirts and diapers. Plus, this clothing is that it is not necessary to wash. Used things are made up in a special tank, which, once transported to the Laundry at the hospital. There they are washed, and soar once again bring dressing children.
If you are going to give birth in a paid Department of the hospital, where clothing for mothers and children give you will be the exception. You will be allowed to bring their own clothes for the baby.
In any case, you need to remember that clothing for children should be made of natural fabrics, preferably cotton. Sewn vests and sliders with the seams outside, there is a need to ensure that they are not scratched too delicate skin of the baby. As far as diapers, their edges are also not sewn, but only slightly processed only to ensure that the fabric is not showered.
Sometimes babies in the hospital wear their bonnets. Doing this, if you're having problems with heating or fitting for the winter window in the hospital. Sometimes additional heat is applied as a aid for premature children, because they have slowed down all processes in the body. It is therefore necessary to maintain the optimal level of heat they have.
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Clothing should be comfortable not only for baby but also for his mother. Because inexperience can be long enough to fiddle with buttons and other unnecessary accessories on her blouse and pants. Everything must be put on quickly and simply.

Advice 2 : What to dress a newborn baby in the first days of stay at home

The first few days after arriving home from the hospital the most exciting for the parents. From how you dress a baby will depend on his health and mood. To choose home clothes for a newborn is affected by time of year and room temperature.
What to dress a newborn baby in the first days of stay at home

Summer child

The baby, born in a warm season, you can wear at home in a Onesie and a diaper. On my head to wear a cap. All the clothes for the newborn should be made of natural materials, washed and ironed. The cap and vests stitched on the outside.
Choosing clothes for your baby, give preference to clothes with a slit in the back so the child will always be closed umbilical wound.

It is desirable to abandon the flounces and lace in the first days of stay at home, they can cause irritation on baby's skin. The first 5-7 days after arrival from the hospital, the baby swaddled together in pens, in a subsequent leave handles free, swaddling clothes, only the legs. In the summer you can afford not to use disposable diapers and change the diaper as needed. Bonnet tie on the side, so the node is not been clasped round the neck under the chin.

If a room is well warmed up and the temperature does not fall below 24-25C, the little enough to suit in a light natural suit. The first time you are going to go for a walk, get some fresh air by opening wide the window or walking for some time on the balcony. For this walk you can choose a soft flannel blanket and warm cap, if a little chilly.

Winter child

If your baby was born in autumn, winter or early spring, requirements for clothing will be different.
It is not necessary to use as insulation crumbs shawls and blankets, they are strong allergens. In addition, the pile may get into your eyes, nose and mouth.

Disposable diapers you will start to put the baby in the hospital, so change diapers often don't, and the kid will stay warm until the next diaper change. If the house is cool, you need to dress up warmer: vest with hood, socks and a flannel cap. The best option for warming the baby after a week of stay at home will be the Romper buttons, referred to as slip.

A slip is not necessary to push through the head as body, no rubber bands on the belly, as from the sliders, nothing comes out and does not slip. It is easy to unbutton for diaper changing, because to remove it completely is not necessary. The same applies to more types of insulated coveralls for the first invigorating walks on the balcony. It is very important that the room where the child was not draft. Otherwise, no clothes will not be able to protect the newborn from cold.
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