Decide which tool you would prefer to knit: crochet or spokesAMI. Remember that excessive thickness of the spokes and the threads might not allow you to create the desired pattern. Select a suitable knitting pattern. Think about what color you want to associate the plaid. Be patient and careful that the finished painting looked equally good on both sides, there was no distortions or delays.
Select the plaid. It can be airy and delicate enough to cover up the baby home, and also suitable for wrapping or baptism. You can knit warm and thick blanket, suitable as a cushion or bedding in a wheelchair.
Proceed to the choice of fabric for knitting. If you plan to do plaid in a lightweight layer, then the cotton will be most useful. Consumption will depend on the thickness of the yarn and the pattern (if you plan to do a Cape with complex relief patterns, for example, cables or knobs, you need to prepare more material). To preserve the original form of plaid, you should not wash it in hot water. Try knitting with a small margin, for example, 105 x 105 cm.
Try to use for knitting Angora with acrylic. It is soft, warm and airy fabric that falls in the easy and beautiful binding. It can be used for the blanket in the cold and cool time of year, especially if you are worried about the fact that a newborn baby will freeze on the street. The flow rate can, by associating a first sample of 10 by 10 cm, and then calculating the amount of fabric for the whole blanket. Knit it better in two lines.