In summer, the weather is changeable and treacherous. If the street the sun shines brightly and the temperature reaches thirty degrees, for walks with the baby, you should select the time code the sun is in the Zenith, from 8 to 11 am or after 18-19 o'clock in the evening. In this weather no matter how you dress the child, it will be hot, and when the slightest breeze his whole perspiration will play harm - the child may be supercooled and ill. In addition, the kids don't tolerate heat very well, they are capricious and crying. If the wind is blowing, and the temperature no higher than 16-18 With, then dress the child as needed in spring or autumn. The most dangerous weather - Sunny, with strong, gusty North wind. Then you need additional layers of clothing.
How to wear <strong>newborn</strong> <b>summer</b>
Pay attention to fabrics - they all have to beat natural. The basis of a summer wardrobe is a baby thin cotton. If it's hot, put it on the child thin cotton pants and a Onesie. Swaddle the baby or not is a personal matter for each parent. Someone thinks that this is necessary, because will make the baby's legs is more even, someone thinks that it limits the movement and development of the baby. If you do decide to swaddle your baby, the diaper should be of cotton, gingham or calico, do not swaddle too tight. You also need to wear a little thin cotton cap that will protect his delicate ears from the wind.
How to wear <strong>newborn</strong> <b>summer</b>
If it's chilly outside and the wind over the cotton layer of clothing need another warm layer. Put on overalls fleece, or cover baby with a blanket. On the head, on top of a cotton cap to wear a hat, knitted of fine wool. If it's Sunny, but windy, dress the child warmly. However, consider that these things have been with the easy fasteners and, if necessary, be quickly removed. Check the temperature of the child. Feel his nose if it's cold, baby is cold. Insert a finger into the axilla, if there is hot and humid, then the baby is hot. Do not overheat the child, it is as dangerous as hypothermia and can lead to various diseases, including inflammation of the lungs.
How to wear <strong>newborn</strong> <b>summer</b>