You will need
  • - A sharp knife,
  • - cutting Board.
To make it easier to clean a fish, you need to freeze the perch. But it is important to ensure that the carcass perch lie flat, then cleaning will not cause much difficulty.
Frozen fish, remove from the freezer and place for a few seconds under hot water.
Take a sharp knife and cut the skin on the back around the dorsal fin from head to tail.
To make an incision around the head. The resulting area of skin near the head to take a pair of pliers and pull towards the tail. The same is done with the second side of the perch.
Using pliers to pull out the dorsal fin to the side of the head.
Then you need to cut off the head and tail. To make an incision in the abdomen from the head to the anus and remove the entrails. Clean away the black film.
The obtained carcasses of grouper can be fried in batter or prepare the aspic. Very tasty, yum.