You will need
    • fresh perch – any amount;
    • salt;
    • branches of Apple or wild cherry.
The fish and wash thoroughly in cold water, remove the insides and rinse again. The number of fish depends on your desire, but the more you take, the better. Scales with perch not need to be removed, the gills also Express.
Now, prepare the whole batch of perch Smoking. Pick up a packet of the necessary size, place the whole fish and pour a large quantity of coarse salt. Thoroughly shake the pack up and down that the fish were better able to proselytise. In any case do not mix the fish with his hands, can injure its fins. Then leave it for 15-20 minutes and then after this time again shake well.
Put all the fish on a clean dry surface or hang below it a bit podelilas before Smoking for 20-30 minutes.
While the perch is getting dry, remove the smoker and on the bottom evenly lay the branches of Apple or wild cherry. Then smoke on the grill place the fish, but not very close to each other.
Close the smoker and put on fire. Time smoked perch is 15-20 minutes. To open the smoker all the time is impossible.
After smoked first remove smoker from heat, and only then open it. If the fish is a beautiful deep brown shade, then you've accomplished your task correctly. Just note that the color of the bass will be different depending on the branches of the trees you used. Apple fish will turn color slightly lighter than the one that the Copts on the branches of cherry.
Of course, this method of Smoking will spend more time and effort than Smoking in the home, use liquid smoke. But you will get a great taste of smoked fish and a wonderful opportunity to spend time outdoors with dear and loved ones.