A universal solution for all occasions – check your computer for viruses. If anti-virus databases have not been updated or non-existent (and it happens, hoping on Russian "perhaps"), is familiar with all modern services that provides protection and choose the best option. Of course, the fun is not free, but much more it will cost later to repair or upgrade the computer. Possible and purely technical problems. If, for example, recently conducted General cleaning, during which the computer coaches would simply be fitted in a different angle, then it is possible that from the system unit moved the plug to the speakers, or they simply were off from the network. To check the connection.Often sound problems arise due to a failure in the operating system settings. Worth a look in "control Panel", is working correctly the Windows Audio service, and connected it all. In addition, the "control Panel" you can check other sound settings or change the configuration of the speakers. Sound is disabled and if it was assigned some task, all of which are already safely forgotten. Referring to "the Scheduler" and checking records, you can quickly verify whether it is or not.If the computer was recently installed the latest version of Windows or upgraded an existing one, you can, in order to resolve the problem, try to roll back changes or revert to the older version of the operating system. The problem may be in driver files, which also can be updated from the Microsoft website (www.microsoft.com) or on the website of the manufacturer of your soundcard or motherboard.The most radical method – to replace the sound card. However, if the sound built into the motherboard, it is fraught with difficulties. To change it, of course, may not need, but to contact the service center in this case certainly is.