If you are running Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 your work prevent system sounds from the speakers, but at the same time, you lose any sound files, i.e. the column cannot be turned off, locate the clock in the system tray on the toolbar icon dynamics. Clicking on it once, there will be a column with the image of the slider is the overall volume of sound coming from the speakers. Under it you will see the link "Mixer". Click on it to open the volume mixer window of your sound card.In the window that appears in the "Applications" you will see several columns with sliders to adjust the volume level. Among them will be the column "System sounds" - put the slider on minimum or click the icon in the blue dynamics under the slider to under the image dynamics appeared red crossed circle. System sounds, thus, will be eliminated.
If you are running Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Millennium or below (up to 2003), go to "control Panel" located in the start menu or in the system folder "My computer".Select control panel to display small icons and look for the label "Sound". Click on it with the left mouse button to open the properties panel of the sound card.In the window that appears select the tab "Sounds" and in the drop-down list of "Sound scheme" tap "Without sound", then press "Apply" and "OK".
Disable some sounds also just in any version of Windows. Repeat step # 2 and in the properties window of the sound in the tab "Sound scheme" you will see the "program events".In front of some of the events set icon dynamics – this means that this event is accompanied by a sound effect. To disable a particular sound, click on the event and in the bottom drop-down list of "Sounds", select "(NONE)", then click "Apply" and "OK" to save the sound scheme.