Technical terms relate to design and technological documentation, so their design and content are pretty strict requirements. Regardless of which product or material you are developing the document, its structure will always be the same. In addition to the introductory part of the General provisions establishing the subject of standardisation with a list of used terms and definitions, technical terms should contain some mandatory sections.
The specification sections shall be presented in a specific order: technical requirements, safety requirements, requirements for environmental protection, the rules of acceptance of the product, methods of monitoring its performance or characteristic parameters, conditions of transportation and storage, operation instructions and manufacturer's warranty.
The contents of the proposed technical conditions must comply with the mandatory requirements of state, national and industry standards that apply to this type of products, materials or substances. They must be set out the requirements and Standards applicable to the products.
In that case, if products require a certificate of fire safety or explosion-proof electrical equipment, in technical terms , be sure to include fire safety requirements or characteristics of the explosion.
The appearance of technical conditions must comply with the GOST R 6.30-2003 "Processing technical documentation". Developed technical conditions must be registered in territorial body of standardization.