Use advanced services of online booking. In the system, you must specify the start and end points of the route, and choose the flight date. You will receive a list of flights that are easy to sort by time of departure, length of dock, at a price. Be sure to record the name of the airline, which operates flights to the desired item at the best price. Do not order cheap on specialized sites.
Find it in the search engine official website of the airline that sells cheap flights to your chosen destination. Visit his. Set route point and date of departure, compare the price to what was marked on the booking website. The difference can be up to 30%, so it is cheaper to buy directly. If the site of the air carrier are not represented in Russian language, use a dictionary or online translator. The process of booking the ticket is generally in line with how it happens at our companies: choose flight, then you enter information about the passengers, it occurs after payment.
Book tickets on time. For example, if you buy a ticket to Montenegro in June to November, you can save up to 5-7 thousand rubles per passenger, because the closer to the summer tourist companies form the package offer and purchase the seats in the aircraft. At the same time for a couple of days before the flight the air carriers take off the price if there are available seats in the cabin. The greatest discounts are made for flights to countries that require a visa. If you have open Schengen, why not to use it.
Register on airline websites and subscribe to the newsletter. So you'll know about all special offers. And suddenly the number of shares will get a route that is interesting for you?
Take advantage of low-cost airlines. In Russia, these airlines are, unfortunately, no, but they operate regular flights from other countries, particularly from Latvia and Ukraine. Ticket from Kiev or Riga to one of the capitals of Europe can cost from 15 euros, so much cheaper to spend the night in the train and get on a plane there.