Purchase tickets in advance. Seasoned travelers always book their tickets many months before the trip. If you buy a ticket for six months before the flight, you will save approximately fifty percent of its value in a month of departure. Each month the price increases, so it makes sense to make plans in advance.
Select departure date so that it falls on a weekday. Has long been known that the flight at the weekend, so convenient to all working people, are much more expensive than those in weekdays. Agree with the boss on leave early, for example, on Wednesday, and you can save money on travel a considerable amount.
Follow the airline. There is no airline that occasionally would not spoil their clients with attractive offers. To catch them you can, watching for updates on official websites or flipping through the forums of fans of independent travel, which will make it for you. Fifty percent discount on the ticket - the usual case encountered fairly often.
Buy tickets for indirect flights. The connecting flights sometimes much cheaper. And you can always determine how much time you want to be in transit (from several hours to several days).
Search for flights departing from several nearby airports. Some independent travelers sometimes forget that the flight can be made not only from the nearest airport. Sometimes tickets from air terminal in another city or country obhodyatsya much cheaper even taking into account additional costs, such as train tickets.