The mechanism of "growing" hair is that often, the hair is removed partially, so the skin in that area becomes more coarse and dense. New hair is bent, changing its direction of growth, as it cannot break through the layer of calloused skin. The skin in this place begins to itch, and can even fester.
To remove ingrown hair at home, you can use nail tweezers or thin needle, if penetration was deep. In the first place, all tools must be disinfected with ethyl alcohol. Wet skin in the bath, using a shower or warm compress for the expansion of clogged pores. Then remove with a scrub sponge and hard dead layer of skin. Treat the spot the ingrown hair with alcohol and gently pick up hair with tweezers, gently release it and remove. In that case, if the hair is deep in the skin, have to use a needle. After this procedure the skin should be washed with antibacterial soap and treated with alcohol and then apply a cream that slows hair growth and prevents ingrown.
To get rid of inflammation and ingrown hairs, you can resort to folk remedies. For example, the excellent remedy is baked onion. Apply half a baked onion to the inflamed area of the skin cut and bandage. 3-4 hours to refresh your cut by cutting part of the onions, which affected skin and bandage again. To perform this procedure until the time subsides inflammation.
You can also use the ointment of onion and honey. You need to grind 1 teaspoon of flour, small onion and 1 tbsp of honey. Ready ointment to lubricate the affected area 4-5 times a day.
If ingrown hairs appear constantly, it is possible to redefine the methods of hair removal and choose the other most suitable option for you hair removal. For example, photo-epilation. During this procedure, the hair roots are destroyed thus, ingrowth excluded completely, due to the effect of light on the hair follicle. To delete a single session of hair removal all hair is unfortunately not possible, so you'll need about 5-6 weeks for the entire procedure. You will be pleased with the result – a healthy and smooth skin for a long time and sometimes forever. But do not forget about contraindications, which include: dark fresh sunburn, pregnancy and lactation, cancer, various inflammatory processes in the skin.
You can resort to working at heights. This hair removal method during which hair is removed with wax along with a bulb. It is recommended to perform this procedure in the salons, to prevent hair breakage and prevent possible allergic reactions. This method of hair removal will save you from the hair, including ingrown 3-4 weeks.