What are ingrown hair? It is growing hairs that can't get out through the layers of keratinized skin. In the result, the hair grows inside the skin, causing discomfort, irritation and often even nagnoenie. The skin on line bikini is extremely sensitive and thin, it reacts to such a problem is extremely acute, and as a result you get red points, like pustules.
Exfoliation will help to reduce the risk of such problems and also help to release ingrown hairs already. Especially often ingrown hair appears after procedures in which they are pulled out by the root: waxing, or delete them using the epilator. Choose a gentle scrub that you can use every day in the shower and massage the affected area on the line bikini with natural, tough enough washcloths.
The skin should be thoroughly moisturize and try to reassure this case, it will be smooth and healthy, and you will save her from the formation of flaky particles, which prevent the hair to break and germinate. Select hypoallergenic body lotion or cream with natural components and do not forget to apply these remedies every time after showering on clean and dry skin. Well, if the moisturizer will be some kind of antiseptic or wound-healing element (chamomile, for example), it will reduce the risk of inflammation and heal already appeared.
What to do with existing ingrown hairs? You can remove. To do this, take a shower with scrub, then slightly rasparte skin, putting her hot towel, soaked in decoction of herbs, then disinfect the skin, armed with a pair of tweezers (sterile!) and carefully remove the hairs. After the procedure, wipe the skin with alcohol-free lotion then apply moisturizer or soothing agent.