Complex GTO is a sports and applied physical training, which resemble the all-around. The main tasks of the TRP - health promotion, physical improvement, development of mass sports movement.

The modern GTO include testing of the main types of sports and crafts activities: jumping, running, throwing, skiing, lifting, swimming, shooting, tourism. To pass the TRP allowed the citizens of the 11 age groups, from 6 years to 70 and over. Those who successfully pass the test will receive bronze, silver and gold badges. It is planned that the results of the delivery standards TRP students will be considered for admission to the UNIVERSITY.

First you need to visit a therapist that will determine your health status and allow for the delivery standards TRP. Then otsenite your physical abilities. The GTO aims to identify the level of physical qualities (strength, speed, endurance, speed, coordination) and applied skills. Pre-testing of types of the complex TRP will help to know your "weak" side of physical training and effectively plan self-training.

Stick to a healthy and active lifestyle. The mode of the day should include various forms of physical activity, morning exercises, self-training for the marathon, walking, sections of the game. Nutrition, increasing physical activity, should be balanced, varied and nutritious. Ditch unhealthy habits. They have a negative impact on the level of physical fitness and body condition during the delivery standards TRP.

The main role in sports performance belongs to the organization of independent training. In the beginning it is enough to train 2 times a week, and then you can increase the number of training, bringing them up to 6 times. During one class need to combine different types of rules TRP.

Mandatory warm-up before each workout. Always need to train on a specific plan of Exercises do series. Do not exercise to exhaustion. Physical exercise constantly alternate with pauses for rest.

Before you begin self-training pay attention to your own feelings health. An important indicator of health - pulse. Measure heart rate before training. She needs exactly about 60-70 shots. After each set of exercises take a break, wait until the heart rate returns to normal.

To improve your sports performance, you need not only to train but also to have the mental attitude. Put each day a small goal. Create your motivation classes. For example, the motive to self-training may be the desire to deliver the standards TRP on a gold badge.