Hot key
The resort is a hot spring located in the Krasnodar region. Here from the ground are sodium, chloride and bicarbonate, hydrogen sulfide water with temperatures from 37 to 70 °C. for a Long time seen their miraculous properties. They have a positive impact on human health: rejuvenate, purify the liver, improve digestion and peristalsis. Wells in Goryachiy Klyuch, there are as many as 17 pieces.
Moinakskoye lake
This lake, located in the famous Spa town of Evpatoria, called the "dead sea of the Crimea" for a reason. The water is very salty and contains black mud, giving the appropriate shade. This sludge has unique healing properties.
Sources of thermal waters of Kamchatka
Kamchatka is not for nothing called "the land of fire and land of ice." Here you can feel the contrast of hot and cold air, because the natural pools with a high temperature are directly under the open sky. On the Peninsula there are about 150 different hot springs. The most famous of them - Vilyuchinsky, which consist of two groups, the water temperature which ranges from 40 to 60 °C.
Hot springs at lake Baikal
Visiting hot springs gojackit and Just in any season, you can not only have a good time, but also improve your health. And to acutely feel the contrast of cold air and hot water, it is better to come in winter. It is not only an unforgettable experience, but double the health benefits.
Belokurikhinskaya hot springs
Siberian resort with a great history situated in the valley of the river Belokurikha. Here you can breathe fresh mountain air with air ions, which will bring undoubted health benefits. And immersed in the nitric-siliceous waters is the perfect place to treat your body.
Hot tubs Tyumen
Only 11 kilometers from Tyumen are the famous hot springs. The pool is divided into two equal parts, each of which is thermal water. However, one part fills hot water, and the second is slightly cooled. What can be a wonderful to take a hot bath, surrounded by snow drifts! In Tyumen there are two hot source: "Verkhniy Bor" and "Lower forest". Of course, you must visit both.
Tumninskiy hot springs
In the Khabarovsk region, nature has created a natural hot source that anyone can visit. Around the green of pine, spruce, fresh mountain air and extremely useful mineral water source.