Advice 1: How to get to the hot springs Tyumen

For thermal springs, many go to countries like Italy, Czech Republic, France and Bulgaria. But such Exotica you can see and Tyumen region. There are 4 thermal springs - "Upper Bor — Eldorado", "Sosnovyy Bor", "Kentron" and "Wild".
Hot springs Tyumen
The base of rest "Eldorado" is located 11 km from the regional center of Tyumen and 340 km from Yekaterinburg. Located on the shores of Crooked lake near the pine forest. In order to get to the source, please go to the Salair tract. From Tyumen on weekends and holidays to the base can be reached by free Shuttle bus. Transport departs from a stop "Regional library" in 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30 and 18:00. The flight might be cancelled in case of rainy weather and the air temperature is below 20oC.
Sosnovyy Bor is located 27 km Yalutorovsk tract on track in Omsk. Nearby is the village of Vinzili. From the bus station of the village to mineral spring and a free Shuttle bus. To Vinzili every half hour and go straight passing a bus from Tyumen station. In addition to two outdoor hot spring pools, there are children's rides and a zoo.
30 km from the city of Tyumen, near the village of Kamenka is a hot spring "Avan". To get to recreation center by car on Irbitskogo tract. Also taxis run regularly and buses. On the bus to drive to the village of Kamenka. Direct flights to the village there, but every hour walk passing routes. The ticket price is R. 60, travel time — 1 hour 10 min.
A few kilometers away from the recreation "Eldorado" is a hot spring "Wild". The name of the hot spring, speaks for itself — there are no hotels, landscaped areas, cafes, etc. But running the kind of source no one is afraid and the pool is always filled with people. Can be reached by car in Salair tract.
To the Tyumen can be reached by bus, plane or train. International airport "Roshchino" it takes an aircraft with such cities as New Urengoy, Salekhard, Beloyarskiy, Sochi, Moscow, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, etc. At the train station the trains arrive with dozens of cities of Russia and neighboring countries. The timetables with the direction to Tyumen you can find a single reference RZD 8 (800) 775 00 00. From the cities of Almetyevsk, Surgut, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Kokshetau and Tobolsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, and Orenburg, and go big comfortable buses. And already in the Tyumen should buy tickets to the sources. At the information Desk of the bus station you can clarify about the free routes to the destination or to buy a ticket on the bus.

Advice 2: How to get to Gelendzhik

To Noumea can be reached by plane, train and car. With regard to travel by rail, will have to arrive to Novorossiysk or Anapa to there by bus. In Gelendzhik there is no railway station.
At the moment, Noumea is one of the most popular Russian cities for a summer vacation. Over the past ten years he has increased his popularity thanks to the skillful investment of funds in the tourism industry. Now the city has its own airport capable of receiving aircraft at any time of the day, developed infrastructure, a developed tourist routes and plenty of places for active and passive recreation.

Today there is a possibility quickly to reach Noumea using the services of one of the airlines. However, it is not expensive. There are two types of transport – rail and road.

Railway transport

Gelendzhik from many other resort towns is characterized in that it has a rail station. On the one hand, this leads to some inconveniences in the matter of freight and passenger delivery. On the other hand, the environment benefits significantly from this.

If you want to get to the city by rail, will have to buy tickets to Novorossiysk or Anapa. From Novorossiysk to the city can be reached in just one hour, but from Anapa will have to shake at least two hours. You can drive by bus and taxi.

The fare is low, the bus takes you to the old station, which is located near the city market. It is the center of the city. From here the sea can be reached in five minutes.

In summer buy direct tickets to Novorossiysk and Anapa is not always possible. In this case, you can buy tickets to Krasnodar, and from there to travel by bus, what time is 4-5 hours.

Road transport

By car you can drive either through Novorossiysk or via a Hot Key. In the first case, you often have to stand in traffic jams, because the path is too loaded. If you go through the Hot Key, will sooner enter into the mountain area, but the road itself will not be overburdened with congestion. Most often it is free even from the caravan of trucks. The exceptions are "hot" summer months - this time towards the coast, moving a large flow of cars.

The quality of the road in both cases is good. You can stay in any village to replenish the food supply, or to drink tea with honey. Many locals it is on the provision of services passing earn money.

To Krasnodar to go through growth, as the route Rostov-Krasnodar is of high quality. And in Krasnodar it is possible to make a decision to go to Gelendzhik – Novorossiysk or via a Hot Key.

Advice 3: How to get to Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a big city in the South of Russia. You can come here to relax, and in various official or other cases. To after trip left only positive impressions, properly and conveniently plan your route.
How to get to Krasnodar

How to get to Krasnodar by train

Krasnodar is a big city. To the railway station "Krasnodar-1" arrive by ambulance, corporate and passenger trains from all over Russia.

From Moscow to the southern city is followed by several trains. From Paveletsky station depart trains the message Moscow - Adler and Moscow - Novorossiysk". From Kursky railway station depart a passing train Murmansk - Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg - Anapa", and also trains local form: "Moscow - Sukhum" and "Moscow - Adler". From the Kazan station leave to Krasnodar train the message "Moscow - Novorossiysk and Moscow - Adler". The latter is a branded double-Decker train.

Trains from Anapa and Novorossiysk also make a stop in Krasnodar. To this station should be part of the abroad message, "Sukhum - Moscow", as well as train from the capital of Ukraine with the message "Kiev - Adler".

The cost of one ticket to Krasnodar by train depends on the chosen class of the car, and the ordering of additional services during their journey of the train. The ticket price is affected by the distance of the starting station.

How to get to Krasnodar by train

Trains follow to Krasnodar mainly from southern directions: Hot Key, Novorossiysk, Mineralnye Vody, Rostov. You can reach the destination from the smaller stations: Timashevskiy Vasyurinskaya, Ust-Labinsk, Tihoretsk. The price of the ticket on the train to Krasnodar depends on the distance of the station from which the journey begins.

How to get to Krasnodar by bus

At the Krasnodar bus station arrive buses from many cities of South Russia. Before this station can be reached from Pyatigorsk, Armavir, Rostov. The routes follow from Grozny, Khasavyurt, Nalchik and other cities. Note that Krasnodar for bus routes can be as a final stop and the point of the passage.

From Moscow to Krasnodar there is a direct bus. It is in the way for about a day and arrives at the Krasnodar bus station, following via Rostov-on-don and Voronezh.

Travelling by bus can be less comfortable than the train or train. This method of movement can be useful, if the station is the beginning of the route located near Krasnodar.

The price of a bus ticket is exactly the same as on the train with the train, depends on where began the way.

Advice 4: How to get on the toll road

Toll highway is a stretch of road tolls which are charged a certain amount. In most cases, paid sites are bridges, tunnels or highway.
How to get on the toll road

Currently, there are three systems of payment for the fare. In the open system to pass on a paid site can pay a certain amount for the Assembly item that overlaps the main motion. When closed, the type of payment is made at the entrance to the toll section. Electronic payment system involves an automatic collection at the entrance or in a strategic area of the main road.

To drive on the toll road with an open system of charges, stop the car in various parts of the motorway where there are collection points.

To travel in a closed system payment will have to produce at the entrance. In some cases, the entry issue the ticket with the specified payment amount which you need to pay in cash at the check-out or charge half the amount when entering and the remainder at check out.

To drive on the toll road with an electronic system, paying the fare in the electronic machine. The second option is to install in the electronic vehicle transponder.

The most modern toll road – is the use of all three types of charges, for example, in the UK on bridges Seversky and Second Seversky. From Wales to England the movement is free, payment is only on the way back.

To make payments in cash or prepaid credit cards, electronic transfers.

In the Russian Federation the only road leading to the destination may not be paid. On newly constructed roads may charge small fees. But the motorist has the right to pass on a paid site or choose the alternative – the road that runs parallel.

In addition, the fee may be charged on the reconstructed sections of the old highway. For this reason, many motorists protested, because all the old highways are already funded through annual payments of the transport tax.

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