All the rituals of Ivan Kupala involve actions outdoors, this day and night man shares with the water, wood, fire. Therefore, in any case can not stay at home, in the stuffy city! It is better to gather a big company of friends and find a place where you could swim, build a fire and look for the fern flower.
Some country clubs and resorts offer a special program for this day, provide separate houses and places for a campfire. But not all settlements have these institutions, and are these services expensive.
Certainly in your company, there are a fishing enthusiast, a hunter or an avid camper who knows a great place where you can celebrate the day of Ivan Kupala full. Going to nature, do not forget about the rules of handling of fire and about dangerous animals and insects. Check whether there is a car fire extinguisher and take funds from the bites of ticks and mosquitoes, assemble a first aid kit.
Place for campfire choose free from plants and trash, in the vicinity of the reservoir. To fire did not extend beyond the border, you can dig around the selected area. Fire in the night of Ivan Kupala is necessary to ignite the ancient way – the spark! As soon as the flames flare up, you can jump through it.
Remember all the "catchy" songs and dances, have fun. To cool off, swim naked in the warm summer water. Campfire in a separate circle going experts "horror stories" and other fascinating stories.
Girls and women weave wreaths and put them on himself and his men. But young men need to beware of the mermaids, which is particularly strong in this magical night. To appease these creatures, you need to put wreaths on the water.
If you are a couple in love, test yourself on the truth of feelings. Hold hands and jump three times through the flame of the fire. Hands parted – feelings are strong and real!
Girls with no guys allowed wreaths on the water and watch where they would go. It is believed that the other side lives the girl's fiance. If the wreath sank, mutual feelings soon don't wait.
To bathe this night to be careful, because that's when water is celebrating a Birthday. And his favorite pastime is to drag a swimmer to the bottom!