If you used to spend time with advantage for health, travel winter Altay. Snow, mountains, amazing nature, beautiful lakes, Snowmobiling, Hiking – what else you need on vacation. Unforgettable impressions remain from the December holiday in Buryatia. This journey will introduce you to the culture of the region and provide an opportunity to improve their health. Right here is the coast of the deepest lake in the world, and the air on lake Baikal really is therapeutic.
Want to go skiing? Go to the Northern Urals. Here you will travel through remote parts of the mountainous region. Continue winter vacation in Yakutia. The land of harsh cold and snow, you will plunge into the mystical world of the Northern peoples. Embark on a small tour in the North Yakutian reindeer in the surrounding villages and enjoy regional delicacies. Find yourself next to the famous natural attractions of Yakutia – the Lena pillars.
Those who do not want to see snow, you need to go in Sochi. Horseback riding tour along the mountain trails of the Caucasus will give you strength to survive the winter and do not fall into melancholy. Exciting will be the journey through the mountains of the Middle Urals. The beautiful nature of the region, difficult of ascent, and amazing imagination of the cave will leave a lasting impression of a good vacation.
Those wishing to spend a holiday in an exotic setting should definitely go to Kamchatka. The land will seem to you fantastic, if the plane moved you to another planet. Steaming volcanoes, mud springs and hot geysers create an extraordinary spectacle.
Perhaps you love Northern nature and appreciate the national character? Go in this case in the Russian village. Measured life in chopped house far away from civilization, the ability to eat only organic food, a modest Northern beauty, and also national dances and rituals will bring you great pleasure.