Very popular are tours of the Golden ring of Russia, which includes about twenty towns in the North-East of Moscow. A fascinating tour of the historic sites, familiarity with the unique architecture and immersion in Russian folk culture will allow you to look at their homeland in new ways and maybe re-fall in love.
To spend a wonderful holiday in the Northern capital of Russia - Saint-Petersburg. Petra wonder is one of the most beautiful in the world: palaces and museums, the bridges thrown across the river, graceful parks and the Gulf of Finland create a special unique atmosphere of the city in which you want to return again and again. If the weather allows, be sure to visit the picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg: Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Peterhof or.
To truly relax body and soul, closer to nature and natural beauty, head to a fabulous Karelia, which is located in the Northern part of Russia. The white sea, pine forests, clean air, clear lakes and fast rivers will return you a sense of harmony and give strength until the next holiday.
In warm time of the year the majority of Russians prefer the resorts of the Black and Azov seas. It is noteworthy that the Russian South and offers options for vacationers with any level of wealth: there are cheap pensions in Tuapse or Sochi, and children's camps in Anapa and Gelendzhik, and of course, luxury is in luxury hotels. In addition to a beach holiday in the South of Russia should certainly visit the mountains, local waterfalls and explore the other sights.
Lovers of active holidays should go, for example, in the Lower Volga, where they can enjoy fish and hunt wild birds. To live is offered in comfortable mini-hotels and cottages. Enjoy adventure rafting, visit Dolne geysers or bathe in a useful thermal sources on a distant Kamchatka, a trip which will give impressions for a lifetime.