Advice 1: Where to relax in the Crimea asthmatic

Bronchales asthma today affects many people, because of what they can't have a normal vacation at many popular resorts. In Crimea there are a number of specialized agencies, where the asthmatic in addition to rest, can get qualified treatment of their chronic disease.
Where to relax in the Crimea asthmatic

The advantages of the Crimean resorts

Asthma is treatable provided that an asthmatic is in a mountainous, dry or marine climate. In Crimea there are many resorts that can ease the state of patient with this complex disease, if not to get rid of it. Coastal climate, with clean and fresh air with ozone and sea salt, high atmospheric pressure and intense solar radiation, very useful for asthma patients.
Stay in these conditions, increases metabolism and increases the secretion of bronchial epithelium and also tones, strengthens, toughens and strengthens the body.

Humid subtropical climate of the Crimean resorts necessary to asthmatics, however, when choosing places to stay sick should pay attention not only on the climatic area of the resort. Very important season, in each of which you need to consider the time of flowering and the contrast of meteorological conditions, because these factors can trigger bronchial asthma attacks.

Crimean sanatoriums for asthmatics

One of the most popular resorts of Crimea is "Pine grove", which is located in a unique pine Park on the shore of the Black sea. At the same time the sanatorium is divided into three buildings with a high level of comfort, may take approximately 210 people.
If you want to stay in the third building "Pine grove", which is closest to the sea, take care of ordering it in advance.

This facility is valuable to the asthmatic his inhaler, equipped with German plant for inhalation and physiotherapy. In addition, the institution provides such treatments as acupuncture, laser, thermal, vibration, and electrical acupuncture.

Another well - established sanatorium "AI-Petri", specializiruetsya on the admission of asthmatics who throughout guests can treat in the establishment of chronic infection of the upper respiratory tract and asthma. To services of patients of the sanatorium – ultratumba, ultrasonic and magnetic-laser therapy, the use of ozone and curative mud, as well as inhalation and instillation of herbal medicines. In addition, "AI-Petri" are successfully using nebulizer and singlet-oxygen therapy, sessions in a salt room and other physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of bronchial asthma.

Advice 2 : What climate is recommended to patients with asthma

It is believed that there is a specific kind of climate, beneficial for the condition of patients suffering from infectious and allergic forms of bronchial asthma. In fact, it is not so.
What climate is recommended to patients with asthma
The fact that it is impossible to recommend a specific climate zone. All depends on the individual case and the causes that provoked the appearance of asthma in humans. We can only highlight General trends and factors that can have beneficial effects on the human body, suffering from asthma. In some cases, climate change will actually reduce the number of attacks or even reduce them to zero, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
According to statistics, people suffering from asthma, noted that in damp, cold weather they start to feel much worse, the number of attacks may increase. A logical conclusion from this is that climate with long, cold winters and high humidity extremely favorable for asthmatics. Of course, in a milder climate zone asthma will periodically harass the patient, but the number should be significantly reduced.
It so happens that the cause of asthma are the different allergens present in everyday life of the patient. In this case, climate change may not be reflected on the patient's condition. The only chance for improvement – the elimination of all possible sources of allergens. People suffering from the allergic form of asthma is not recommended to spend much time in the city, as various sharp odors, such as gasoline or other chemicals can provoke an attack.
Some asthmatics complain that on frosty days, they simply do not have the ability to go outside. Extreme changes in temperature and the flow of cold air provoke they have a panic attack. Such people simply cannot exist in a climate strip with cold and long winters.
When choosing residence it is necessary not to forget that the condition of asthma is influenced by many factors. Sometimes it is enough just to rest for a few days outside the city in order to feel better. In this case, the fresh air, the absence of large amounts of dust and smells have a beneficial effect on the body.
For the asthmatic person the best choice may be living in mountainous areas. The fact that in such areas the pressure is continuously lowered and the air is slightly rarefied. The bronchi and lungs of the patient in the mountains is able to function in the best way. In addition, going to the mountains, you can "escape" from the usual allergens lowlands and plains, which also helps improve health. Perhaps only in the climatic conditions of the mountains for an asthmatic person may stop chronic oxygen starvation.
Useful advice
It is worth remembering that the nervous system plays a leading role asthmatic, so when choosing a residence you need to choose the area that will satisfy you from an emotional point of view.
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