The advantages of the Crimean resorts

Asthma is treatable provided that an asthmatic is in a mountainous, dry or marine climate. In Crimea there are many resorts that can ease the state of patient with this complex disease, if not to get rid of it. Coastal climate, with clean and fresh air with ozone and sea salt, high atmospheric pressure and intense solar radiation, very useful for asthma patients.
Stay in these conditions, increases metabolism and increases the secretion of bronchial epithelium and also tones, strengthens, toughens and strengthens the body.

Humid subtropical climate of the Crimean resorts necessary to asthmatics, however, when choosing places to stay sick should pay attention not only on the climatic area of the resort. Very important season, in each of which you need to consider the time of flowering and the contrast of meteorological conditions, because these factors can trigger bronchial asthma attacks.

Crimean sanatoriums for asthmatics

One of the most popular resorts of Crimea is "Pine grove", which is located in a unique pine Park on the shore of the Black sea. At the same time the sanatorium is divided into three buildings with a high level of comfort, may take approximately 210 people.
If you want to stay in the third building "Pine grove", which is closest to the sea, take care of ordering it in advance.

This facility is valuable to the asthmatic his inhaler, equipped with German plant for inhalation and physiotherapy. In addition, the institution provides such treatments as acupuncture, laser, thermal, vibration, and electrical acupuncture.

Another well - established sanatorium "AI-Petri", specializiruetsya on the admission of asthmatics who throughout guests can treat in the establishment of chronic infection of the upper respiratory tract and asthma. To services of patients of the sanatorium – ultratumba, ultrasonic and magnetic-laser therapy, the use of ozone and curative mud, as well as inhalation and instillation of herbal medicines. In addition, "AI-Petri" are successfully using nebulizer and singlet-oxygen therapy, sessions in a salt room and other physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of bronchial asthma.