The word "respect": dictionary meaning

Once this concept was used in pre-revolutionary Russia, and it was kind of an ironic character. Often in works of Russian classics, you can see it in the form of "reshpekt". If someone wanted to pay someone respect, in this case said that he has respect.

However, this expression is often meant alienation between people, that is the refusal to trust close or too familiar relations. Today things have changed, and communication between the young people or bloggers in real life, this term has changed its "colour".

What does the word "respect"?

Like many other Internet words computer slang, this term has a foreign origin. How to assure many bloggers, it came to Russia from the United States. Anyway, about his English origin no doubt. The word "respect" is a transliteration of the Russian letters of the Latin writing respect ("honor", "respect").

Most often this word is used in those cases when the leave comments ("comments") to some posts and I want to emphasize that the presentation or the author's position is extremely popular and close to the public. Especially widespread this term on social networks, for example, in the "Facebook", "Vkontakte", etc.

"Respect and uvazhuha": tautology or synonyms?

Although the word "respect" - a common way of expression of respect, adopted in the Internet community, not everyone understands its value. But because commentators often use in their assessments of the duplicate form, for example, "respect and uvazhuha". This newfangled expression one can see often enough. The latest slang word warped Russian means "respect."

Despite the fact that the phrase in the sense of tautological, it is spread quite widely. In fact, the two words mean almost the same thing, but many bloggers are convinced that they can emphasize the meaning of the first notion and give the chance to the interlocutor to comprehend what was going on.

When most people use the word "respect"?

As a rule, the word "respect" means showing special respect to any words, actions or worldview of the group of people or person, but not to themselves. In other words, the blogger uses this term when he wished to say that I admire some thought, support a particular opinion or believes that the individual act of a person deserves a positive assessment.

In some cases, the use of such words means that your partner likes you and is ready to support your views. From the Internet this term has migrated into the real/live chat and telephone conversations. In addition, he began to acquire some grammatical features, for example, be used in the form of "respect". It also shows respect to the speaker or writer.

What is respect

On some forums the respect is a kind of statistical unit of measure for a particular user. For example, if the "indicator of respect" is red, this suggests that the statements of the author very much like the other participants, and its status is high.

If "respect" blogger has a blue color, this author is not too popular, as his posts do not inspire the majority of users of the forum trust.