You will need
  • Internet, Skype, video camera, microphone, headphones.
To work with Skype, you need to download it. Go to the website and follow the instructions. After successful registration you will get access to all the features of this program. Additional options such as online conference, online number and other paid services can be purchased on this website. For communication between subscribers of Skype do not need his number, it is enough to know the nick or the email address.
But if you decide to leave your contact details and want to you are calling from a landline or mobile phone, you need to find your online number. This feature is available in many countries. The main thing that you were there, where there is Internet. Because Skype works with mobile phone, you can stay connected and you only pay for the Internet connection through a cellular operator, and roaming will be free. To do this, download the website Follow the link "Functions", and then click on "Online Number". This service is paid and costs of 17.25 euros with VAT for three months.
Click on the Subscribe link. Enter the username and password that you registered in Skype.
Then you need to choose the country in which you are going to use this service. For example, you travel to Sweden, and will be there to take calls. Choose from the list of countries Sweden. Determine in advance in which city you live or often visit to enter the name (code). In the case with Sweden Skype will be the mediator in the provision of telecommunications services. You should read the terms of agreement of their partner in this country. Next, click on "read and agree with the terms" confirm payment. You will then receive a message with the line number.