To recover a deleted message history from Skype to use the copying history files from the computers of your interlocutors, because it is duplicated for both contacts.
In case you re-installed the Skype program on your computer, replacing it with another version, copy the logs from the directory previously used the program, if any have survived. Usually they are in a folder with the user name of Skype in the Application Data folder on a local drive. To search the log files, turn on show hidden items in folder. This section of the settings available in the menu of the control panel of your computer.
Copying the log file, place it in the directory the user has a new program, it should be turned off for all Windows users. After copying run the program in the left part by selecting a source. In settings, select the display messages for the previous period of time, if you haven't done so already. Read the history of messages and calls.
If you previously deleted the log file with the message history manually check it in the basket. If it was deleted from there, use utilities recovery, for example, Handy Recovery.
Run a disk analysis on a running program. After that go to search deleted data, set appropriate filter parameters. Recovery is possible only if you performed a full format of the hard disk when reinstalling the operating system.
If you find the needed file, restore it using the appropriate command in the top menu. After that open the folder Recovered Files on the hard disk and copy the log to a folder of Skype user.