You will need
  • - passport and its copy
  • - birth certificate of the child and its copy
  • a trip to the garden
Due to the large number of people wishing to enrol their children in kindergarten made online, through which you can record, as well as the Commission that deals with this issue. You can sign up independently via a dedicated website - each region has their own, and then to bring all the documents, or directly at the place you are entered in the list. It is necessary to have a passport and a copy of the birth certificate of the child and its copy, in some regions even require a social security number and residence of the baby.
Usually the choice is given several options gardens, but sometimes the permit is issued institution, in which there is room. The very start comes to your email and also to the head of the garden. If you want to visit the kindergarten, then just confirm it and prepare all the necessary documents.
If you have moved or you do not like this preschool, it is possible to exchange your ticket. This is done 2 ways. The first is to find someone who got a start in the garden, in which you want to send your child, and exchange with him; or simply to contact the Commission and you will queue to another garden. In the second embodiment, in the case of the heavy workload of a ticket you can give not immediately. The exception is the presence of certain benefits.
If you need very urgent to get a place in a kindergarten, you can try to find someone who wants to send their child to your garden. This can be done through special sites on the Internet, through ads. In the case of mutual agreement, the exchange is quite simple. We must turn to the garden, which gave you the permit to put the print head. The same needs to be done and the other person in his garden. Then with all documents and with copies of both vouchers have to go to the Commission on the staffing of preschools, but if not, then to the administration. There you will receive new vouchers, which have to provide in the kindergarten, who wanted. It should be noted that the age of the child you and the person you want to change should be approximately the same.
Some gardens have now abolished the nursery and if your child is under 3 years, not all preschools can be taken.