Contraception for cats

Sterilization – a surgical operation that is performed before the first heat, it allows you to completely rid the cat and its owner from all those unpleasant manifestations of sexual desire, which are famous for these animals. The disadvantages of this method include the complete inability of the cat to give birth after it had been made such an operation. But, of course, for her health is the most safe and effective of the existing methods of contraception.

One of the most popular methods, the advantage of which is thought to be the possibility of the resumption of reproductive function in cats include birth control pills and injections, hormonal strong. The tablets contain hormones that cause a false pregnancy or just suppress sexual desire in cats. Contraceptive injections prevent heat. In veterinary medicine most commonly used hormonal drug "Kavian". The first injection it is done under the guidance of a specialist veterinarian, it lasts six months, after which the cat owner may already own the drug every six months for as long as necessary to tie the animal. The injection should be done before the heat, trying not to miss the first signs of its approach.

Signs of estrus in cats

The first estrus in cats can begin at age 7-9 months. She is, unlike dogs, almost imperceptibly, and any selections you may not see it, but the behavior of the animal during this period is beginning to change. Well, if it was limited to only high sweetness, often purring and constant desire to contact family members. In most cases, the cat becomes nervous and constantly emit loud screams to move, sitting up on his hind legs and behave with people as potential sexual partners.

Therefore, if you choose this method of contraception as contraceptive injections, try to make them strictly according to the scheme – exactly six months later or right after the first signs of heat – change animal behavior.

The choice of method of contraception

But note that the use of hormonal drugs in the form of tablets and drops and injection, does not always give a 100% guarantee, and can have severe consequences for the health of your home pet, up to pyometra and cancer. To date, only sterilization can rid the animal of problems caused by the instinct of reproduction, to make it more flexible and reduce the risk of many diseases.