You will need
  • an insulin syringe with a very fine needle.
If you were giving injections to people and know how to do it, then to inject the cat, you will not be difficulties. The technique is roughly the same, but the injection need to be prepared. Use the insulin syringe as it has the thin and small needle. Do not take large syringes, as the cat will get hurt, and should not be allowed.
как сделать укол коту подкожно
People who have never done a shot cat, but I want to learn how to inject the injections yourself, you can go one time with the animal to a veterinary clinic and see how to put the shot the doctor. You can further Refine what point put a shot to not hit a nerve or vein of the animal.
как сделать инъекцию кошке внутримышечно
Before you get a shot, give the cat something delicious. It improves mood and more unpleasant the procedure will be perceived more positively.
как колоть внутримышечно кошке
Prepare a syringe injection in advance. The injections are intramuscular and subcutaneous. To make an intramuscular injection, place your cat on his side with his paws to himself, left hand hold the front legs and lock right rear paw so that the palm remains free syringe. The injection is in the thigh, in the part where the most muscle. The depth of insertion of the game – about half an inch.
как делать укол коту
Subcutaneous injection to make it easier. Put the cat on my stomach. With one hand gather the animal skin on the nape in the crease, holding the head, and second make this a fold injection. Insert the syringe parallel to the spine of the animal. The needle should be under the skin and out the other side of the skin fold.
как колоть укол внутримышечно собаке
Use a disposable syringe. After injection, immediately throw it away. Before injection, do not forget to release the air from the game sprinkled with a few drops of liquid.
After the injection the animal is cuddle and feed him with something tasty. So the cat was nervous during the injection, you can talk to him. He will not understand your words but he will clear soothing tone. If the animal trusts you intuitively understand that nothing is wrong you and him are not going to do. The cat may panic during injection, start to howl and meow, but you don't have to be nervous. Be calm - this will help you and your pet.