Advice 1: How to relieve a cat in heat

Cat the cat is knitting not until her third heat. But the animal did not suffer and tortured you, you should know how to relieve a cat in heat.
How to relieve a cat in heat
You will need
  • - bromine;
  • - Ignacy;
  • - the drug "cat Baiyun."
Give your cat attention, pet her and play with her so the animal was easier to endure the stress. She needs to feel loved by the owners. Indeed, during the first heat the cat, and she often does not understand what she wants, and what exactly is happening to her.
Try not to feed your cat throughout the day. She needs to eat only early in the morning and another before bed at night. How would she pitifully didn't ask for food, don't give up, the cat should be fasting days, and the heat is a favorable time for them. The well-fed animal will want to sleep.
In any case do not let the animal to sleep during the day, otherwise you risk a whole night of listening to her loud meowing. Tire of her games, having bought at the pet store the toy mouse and ball. Leave someone at home all day so he could Wake up the cat if she is still asleep.
Can give your pet the following drugs: before bed, dispense into the water with the drug "cat Baiyun." Will also help bromine, Ignacy and palladium. All this can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. On the animal's weight is 3-5 kg is selected to approximate the dose in 6-7 drops. The first day you can add water to bromine, the second day – Ignacy, and in the third day – the palladium. These medicines calm the nervous and vegetative system.
Some owners give their cats pills "Antisex" and other similar preparations, but lately they are not recommended by doctors as they cause further infertility. Remember that animal health should be for you above all else. Much easier to punish a cat for meowing her night, than to give her the pills and worry about possible adverse effects.
If the cat started it's time for the fourth heat, and you don't mind her offspring, then immediately take her to the cat. Suitor for his favorite need to look for in advance.

Advice 2 : "Cat Bayun": how to give a cat

The drug "cat Bayun" is designed to correct certain behavioural disorders in domestic cats. The active components of this drug are the extracts of plant materials.
"Cat Bayun" - a sedative for cats and dogs
The drug "cat Bayun" you can give cats at the age of 10 months. Indications for use drugs: manifestations of aggression from cats towards his master, various phobias, fear of moving, fear of noise, an experience of parting. In addition, the "cat Bayun" is recommended in disorders of sexual behavior of the pet, which is manifested in the constant cat cries and cries, and when excessive excitability of the animal.
Instructions for use of this drug does not describe cases in which a "cat Bayun" would be contraindicated for cats. Moreover, in practice its application has not been registered cases of adverse or undesirable consequences. The basis of the drug "cat Bayun" make flowers and hawthorn fruit, hop cones, motherwort, mint, sweet clover, marjoram, lemon grass, Catnip, Melissa, Boudreau hederacea, St. John's wort, meadowsweet, marsh cudweed, thyme and other herbs.
Plants included in the composition of the drug "cat Bayun", contain substances with properties Progestogens and estrogens. They mimic the hormonal effect on the brain of the animal, being a complete analogue of the cat's hormones. In addition, these substances help cleanse the kidneys and blood and is also used as prevention of tumor development in cats. The drug "cat Bayun" is available as in tablet (pill) and in liquid (drops, infusion). This tool is used orally 3-4 times a day 20 minutes before feeding cats or 1 hour after this.
Course of taking this drug is considered to be its continuous use for 5-7 days in a row every month. Daily single dose tablet form of the drug is 2 tablets, liquid - 2 ml (half teaspoon). The drug "cat Bayun" - is a veterinary first aid kit in the house a loving owner, as in one bottle collected a lot of useful substances, necessary for healthy cats.
The liquid form of the drug "cat Bayun" has one significant advantage over tablets: sterile aqueous solution of the drug has a special aroma, like cats. Because of this, the animal willingly accepts it.
Useful advice
After the bottle with liquid form of the drug will be opened, violated his sterility. Therefore, this medicine should be stored in the refrigerator, and before each use to warm to room temperature.
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