Close eye on the cat if it exhibits increased anxiety, fins to the owner more than usual, became obsessive, rubs about all the items - perhaps the heat will soon begin or has already begun. In this note the appetite, as in the first days of heat it increases, then diminishes or disappears altogether.
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Don't be alarmed if the cat started to make a loud guttural cries - they are the main enlistment for cats and worrying factor. Please note that if your cat calm temperament, it can these days, on the contrary, lying flat and only occasionally "to pokreativit", silently suffering and causing the sympathy of the owners.
как определить породистые ли котята
Inspect the genitals of a cat in days of heat they are a little swell, the vulva becomes enlarged and moist. This period is characterized by frequent urination.
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Stroke your cat's back from neck to tail, and if you notice that the cat becomes in a characteristic pose - tail bulge, raised the pelvis up and marking time – no doubt, she's ready to mate, it is the most favourable days for conception at the cat.
как случить кошку с котом в первый раз
If you have a cat around, watch his behavior as he was the first to feel the approach of heat in the cats. In the early days she hasn't admitted it to yourself, asking the cat it will start just 2-3 days, however, the presence of a nearby cat will stimulate the secretion of sex hormones in catsthat increase the chance of pregnancy.
как свести кошку с котом в первый раз в чебоксарах
Let's see how cat behaves in the presence of people. One of the signs of estrus can be called attention and harassment to males, for example, to the host or guests. A cat may also roll on the floor, running around the house, screaming as if suffering from unbearable pain.