Why do I need to do the cat vaccinations?

как сделать на котенка паспорт

Cats, like people, are constantly exposed to the attack of different viruses and bacteria. With some of them the immune system of these animals to cope, while others cause various diseases, sometimes incurable and fatal. The infection occurs not only through contact between animals, but in other ways, including cases of infections brought into the house on the soles of the shoes, as well as the many sick cats who are left in the ground their infected secretions.

Timely vaccination helps to avoid various diseases and over the long term, while there is a vaccination, don't be afraid that your pet will get distemper or another serious illness.
Remember that there are many feline diseases that often lead to death.

Especially serious to relate to vaccination, if you release a cat to walk on the street or take her with him to the cottage where your pet can meet other Pets. It is also advisable to vaccinate young kittens, as their immune system is still quite weak, and many are very dangerous diseases are serious for their body.

What shots do you need to do to the cat?

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The vaccine contains weakened or dead bacteria that cannot cause disease, however, can weaken the body, so after vaccination, cats feel weak, eat worse and less mobile. Bacteria cause the body cats the production of antibodies, which help fight infections.

Before the first vaccination the animal is necessary to carry out prevention of worms or to cure them if they are. You can use the anthelminthic drugs that are sold in veterinary pharmacies.
If a cat during vaccinations will be worms, it could seriously weaken her health and lead to disease, in addition, the worms suppress the immune system, antibodies may be produced in proper amount.

The first vaccination do comprehensive – from rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia (distemper) and calicivirus, preferably kittens at the age of about 10 weeks, but older cats. Three weeks after the first vaccination, vaccination against rabies, which is repeated through the year. After that the cat can be taught once a year, in advance checking her health and during the procedure glistogonno. If the cat is frequently visited exhibitions or walking in the street, you can also be vaccinated against zoster.