Cats that live at home, live your life. Sexual activity may occur at any time of the year. 10 months after birth cats become sexually Mature. They begin to ask the cat. There are a number of signs that help to recognize this desire from the cat: frequent urination, slight increase in the external genitals, colorless allocation. Cats, unlike cats, ready to mate always, all year round.

The beginning of estrus in the cat

как понять кота
In the period of sexual activity in animals lost appetite, they ask to go outside, literally unleashed. Cats during this period are aggressive, they can attack the owners or other cats. An unpleasant aspect of the label throughout the apartment, which is very unpleasant smell, and get rid of this "flavor" is quite difficult.

Medications for cats

Как понять, любит меня кошка или нет
The hosts can beat the natural instincts of their Pets and water the drugs. To sell their a great many. It is advisable to consult with your veterinarian. The easiest way to give a cat drops that suppress rut. Tablets may be crushed and put in food. There is no single answer to the question: does the health of your Pets medication. They are all aimed at the regulation of hormones in animals. It is not recommended to give medicines often, better as necessary. Many tablets are made on the basis of natural components, add the peppermint, which facilitates the process of feeding the cat those pills.
Castration should be done in that case, if you do not plan to have children in the future.

Neutered or not

как понять забеременела кошка британская или нет
The owners should understand that life in the apartment is very different from the natural habitat. So we must be prepared for all the hardships that will bring a pet. The cat needs to mate with a cat at least 9 times during the year, the hormones can "play" at any time, and the cat will mark territory. This method of protection from enemies in the environment does not bother anyone, but in the apartment there is a persistent smell of urine. You need to think in advance about what can turn the life of a pet, and make a decision about his castration.
Castration - the cessation of production of sex hormones by surgical intervention. Surgery to remove the testes refers to the category of simple.

In the period of sexual hunting cats bring much trouble to their owners. They can walk day and night around the apartment and a heart-rending meow. Can start to rush from room to room, karyabat door and tear the upholstery. Cats on the other hand in the period of sexual activity is very affectionate. They squirm, wiping everything that comes their way, climb to the hands of the owners, are trying to attract attention.