Many wanting to part with social networking, time-consuming, can't figure out how to remove your page in the "Classmates". If the registration button located in plain sight, the option "delete profile" to find quite difficult. Many users even think that to get rid of the page in the "Classmates" forever impossible.

How to delete a page in the "Classmates" via the form on the website

It is actually quite simple. To delete a registered on a social network profile, do the following:

- to visit the site and login to your profile by entering your login and password;

in the bottom of the page in the rightmost column, find the tab "Schedule" and click on it;

- under the text of the regulation click on the link "Withdraw from services"; - to indicate the reason why you don't want to use more of the social network;

- confirm the deletion password and click on "Delete forever".

When you complete all above steps, your page will be removed from "Classmates". However, if you tied it to your phone number within the next three months you will not be able to register a new profile.

Deleting a page will be irretrievably lost, all specified in the form information, photos, wall posts, private messages and other data.

Data recovery profile and the page in "Schoolmates" after removing the impossible. So, before you take this step, you need to consider, and if necessary, first save the whole information stored in the profile.

How can delete my profile in the "Classmates" forever through the address bar

There is another way to learn how to delete a page in the "Classmates". It is much easier than the first, but doesn't always work.

To get rid of the boring social network profile, you must log in to the site "Classmates", clicking on your page.

In the address bar in the browser you can see the name of the site To delete a page, click the site logo, and there appears after a slash ( / ) your ID number.

For quick removal copy the text &St. layer.cmd=PopLayerDeleteUserProfile and drag it into the address bar after your ID. To complete the operation, press the Enter button.

In the resulting window, confirm your desire to delete the page in the "Classmates".