Games for kids

The safe bet will be a children's animator, with his script for the celebration. But you can do everything yourself. To start a children's party with spin the bottle. All the children sit in a circle with their gifts, and in the middle of the circle sits the birthday boy, who turns the bottle. Who showed the shooter, and he gives a birthday gift to print.

The children enjoy and adults to watch in clothespins. To do this, divide the children into pairs. Placed a bucket of clothespins Bellevue (need 2-3 dozen), a few children agree who cling clothespins, and who will be in the role of a dummy (later can be changed). At the signal, the adult game starts, and when any of the participants will wear the last clothes pin on his friend, you can do the counting pegs in each child.

The best option quiet games will be a collective figure, even if it is just the imprint of handprints of all the children, but what a memory then you will.

In the end you can show the kids a puppet theatre. This can be a tale, and can be a mystery. For correct answers you can give children symbolic gifts or kinder surprises. Every child will be happy.

Games for Teens

Teenagers are driven by a competitive spirit. Give them real competition with running in sacks, tied with legs in pairs. And at the end of the competition, let them find the treasure on the drawn card. This will rally the team after the relay.

The game "Twister" and "Phantom" can also be included in the script.

Use the puzzles from the magazine "Murzilka", they're very interesting and tricky. These puzzles are suitable for adults.

Games for adults

"Backgammon", "Twister", "Monopoly", "Fanta", "Activiti" - all this fun for the adults.

If there are couples that fit the game "Decorate the beloved". Men make dresses out of magazines to their wives and girls just pinning the leaves on clothes stationery needles (then be sure to count all the needles). And women, in turn, should make interesting hairstyles their men (to do this, stock up on barrettes, rubber bands, panasofkee).

Be sure to include in the scenario of entertainment, the game "Crocodile", for the team to share not necessarily. One volunteer starts the game by showing them the hidden word by using gestures, the person who guessed the next, but the word is he thinks the previous player.

And goodbye play the "Confusion", an adult play even more interesting than the children.