Understand that if you show others your weaknesses, someone can use this information. Claiming its own faults, you make yourself vulnerable man. Do not give others a reason to manipulate you, to use your character. Let as few people as possible know about your fears, phobias, doubts. For others you need to appear strong, confident personality. So it will be easier to achieve their goals in life.
Control your own emotions. The better you learn to hide what I feel and what I think, the easier it will be in communication with other people. The skill of a not given to everyone. But you have to work on ourselves to feelings didn't take over your consciousness. Use a variety of techniques to help you quickly gather, to relax, to recover. For example, you may benefit from auditory training, meditation, breathing exercises.
Do not focus on their shortcomings. Not worth it with someone to discuss the individual characteristics of your personality, especially with someone you do not trust. If in conversation or some situation flashed information about what you are afraid of something, do not know how to do something, not to dwell on this. Behave calmly, dispassionately. Then nobody will notice what happened.
Boost your dignity. Pay attention to the development of their strengths, skills and talents. So you will be able to strengthen their position, and become a stronger, whole person. Concentrate on your positive qualities. No need to dwell on our own shortcomings. Think and speak of themselves as worthy of respect, smart, positive and a good person. Negative statements in the address, even abandoned without much meaning at the moment of irritation, can sit in the subconscious and make you more vulnerable.
Try to get rid of their bad habits. This will help you not only willpower. Important to choose motivation and the understanding that some weaknesses do not give you nothing but harm. Imagine what could be your life, if you defeat your bad habits. The realization that they only hinder you to achieve success in various fields and to improve the quality of life should encourage you to work on yourself.
Avoid situations where your weaknesses can be particularly noticeable. You can decide to overcome or hide their weaknesses. But if you are not prepared to find them currently, do not provoke undesirable situation. For example, if you are prone to extreme, don't settle for an alloy on the mountain river. The person who is afraid to present in front of an audience, do not need to choose a profession that requires a lot of public speaking.