The sentiment is always expressed vividly, emotionally. People often can't keep these feelings in the throat "arises kom" go non-stop tears and start sobbing.
A sense of sentimentality occurs when a person puts himself in the place of the protagonist of the film or book. He feels the same that he is, and tries to help mentally going through.
Often there are sentimental women. In male body there are hormones which are responsible for the expression of feelings and the male mind. These hormones do not allow to escape samasama feeling inside. But as we age these hormones decrease in number and men become more susceptible to sentimentality.
Excessive sentimentality often prevents people from living. For many ashamed to cry on the people and thus show his weakness. But holding back feelings constantly, people accumulate within themselves emotions. It is fraught with heart diseases or mental disorders. Therefore, to completely get rid of sentimentality not worth it, but you can try to reduce its manifestation. To do this is in a few weeks to repeat the simple exercises.
During these several weeks will enrich your vocabulary of words that represent your feelings and experiences. Use them in everyday life. This will help you to get out of the emotion.
When you go to work in the subway or on the bus, look at the people. Try to guess what they are thinking at the moment, what it felt like.
This same exercise can be done at home during evening recreation. A big plus of a home option that you can ask your relatives about their thoughts and feelings. Most likely, you guessed it, what they were thinking.
For getting rid of sentimentality, select a specific situation where you are unable to contain the influx of feelings. And in these moments, try to experience all feelings and emotions that fill you. These points will help you understand how you react to certain moments and decide when you will be able to hold back. Doing these exercises, you won't accumulate emotions inside. After some time, you can check yourself if you have to hold back. Just view a sad movie, who was called up earlier feelings of sentimentality. If exercises do not help you, you should think it is bad to be an open person.
If sentimentality is not stopping you in life, and it is not necessary to get rid of it. Sentimental people better understand the meaning of the movie or books, they more and more deeply worried for other people and animals, trying to help them. In some situations it is not necessary to hide feelings, because openness brings people together. You should try to keep yourself at work and among friends and family to be who you are.