Motivation. People should clearly understand the reasons for which he tries to conceal his inner world from others. Perhaps it is the shame of a perfectionist who doesn't want others to know about his weaknesses. Perhaps it is the desire to protect themselves from the attacks of others. Perhaps people just do not know how to show their emotions in the family are not taught to talk about their needs and feelings. After realizing the reasons man can go to a therapist to help him better articulate his feelings, needs, desires and dreams.
To select a mask. In order to get along in complex team, sometimes you have to wear a mask. For example, a "strong woman" or "diplomat", "the soul of the company" or "conflict-free smart. Only the man himself knows which of these images it is most convenient, tailored to his temperament and inner needs: to console, to be useful, or feel the approval of others. It is important to remember that sometimes the mask adheres to the skin. We that's what we seem to want.
To relax the mind. If a person needs to lock their emotions in a specific situation (exam, interview, scandal in the family), then you should use a proven methodology. It can be phrases that in a special way to relax our mind. For example, "the empty boat", "There is nothing that would be worth the revenge." Or "Express-meditation - dive into the fragrance of a flower, perfume, aromatic oil. Introduced as the aroma envelops you, like the strongest armor in the world? Forward!
Fixation on a stranger. Focusing on the breath, the person ceases to concentrate on negative emotions. Looking at the earrings of the Manager, the employee skips most of her quips on deaf ears. Quite useful is the method of visualization of their emotions. For example, your anger can be represented by streams of fire that passes through you, not searing heart. You can imagine yourself in a serene summer lake, in which the interlocutor throwing stones. Faint splash, the odds and coming back to the serene silence.
To deceive the vampire. If a person intentionally causes you negative emotions (provoking a fight, pushing on the sore spot, humiliating the people dear to you), it is necessary to understand that it is configured to "warm myself by your fire, to shout, to release their negative emotions. You have to ask yourself the question: "why am I fed a vampire his blood? Why do I need this". And begin to respond to him nice, polite and calm. You can even imagine how you feed your "vampire" pickles or eclairs. But it rotates the eyes and can not understand where familiar food.
Remember the paradox. We maintain self-control until we control the situation. And control the situation, maintain our composure. It is important to feel the balance point, and anyone who is trying to rile us up, gently but politely put in place.