Universal methods of control of own emotions does not exist. Everyone is different, and therefore the approaches to solution of this problem at everyone. However, psychologists believe that to cope with the emotions caused by external stimuli, can self-confident people. So if you want to learn how to hide your emotions, first of all you need to work on your self-esteem. Make it pretty easy.
To begin write down on a piece of paper in two columns your friends and enemies. You will find that people who are nice to you, much more. Understand that they love you because you're a good person – this will raise your self-esteem. Then write one page of their negative, the other positive qualities. Try to review your weaknesses, explain them and turn them into your strengths – this will also affect self-esteem. In addition, every day down a small summary of what you have managed over the day. You will realize that you are actually strong and capable person.
Increasing your self-esteem, try to learn to treat everything with irony. It is humor, in most cases, helps to cope with negative emotions and hide them. If you suddenly come across somebody who wants to hurt you, and you, instead of upset, laugh about it, the offender will realize his weakness in front of you, and you will feel a surge of strength and confidence from what has won a small victory over your emotions.
Helps to hide negative feelings and not to break will help psychological mask. When you somehow sad or hurt, pretend you feel the opposite emotions. After a while you will see that you will actually become easier.
If you are too emotional, try to measure my feelings. For example, if you face any problem, do not splash out their emotions at once, resolve softer, pick neutral words, imagine that you do not care. Take a break from his thoughts until, until you alone. Then write what you think on a piece of paper or discuss with one's closest for you man, and you will feel better.