Allow yourself to be helpless. At least once a day. This refers to the helplessness, which requires third-party intervention. Of course, better if it's a man. You know how to fix a leaky faucet or hammer a nail? Come easily to the signing of contracts and negotiations? Great. But if you even occasionally will demonstrate their helplessness (at a convenient time and at the right time, of course), all in amazement will see you as an element of delicate femininity. This will give you a special charm that is very much appreciated by the representatives of the stronger sex.
Learn to ask for help. Of course, for self-sufficient lady, even the idea is gross. Yes they are better the earth will gnaw, but will not stoop to such humiliation. And in vain. About this little trick should know, even if you're super-men. After all, asking for help, you indirectly declare my own imperfection, and therefore you are a living man, and it was at this point through your armor lurks a little weak. It can not touch the man. It elevates him, inspires on feats. And here he is your slave. It is known the existence of a psychological attraction to someone once helped.
Stop to take a daily exam on the image of the ideal and perfection. It's impossible to be perfect in everything. Allow yourself to relax. Laze around, be lazy. Forget for a while about how clear the chart, which wedged your life. By the way, consider this graph: whether it has a place for love? While your man will not see that you are willing to give him most of your time, you will not be in demand. Come explore and feel (at least briefly) their need to another person. Allow yourself to live, escaping from the vicious circle of worries. Don't be afraid to seem weak, trust me, a woman will only benefit from this.
Change role. Self-sufficient and strong you've been and know what it is. Now try on the image of a simple and weak woman, vulnerable and helpless. Remove the iron carapace. In every woman lies the actor, so to do it on some time it will not be difficult. See how many people will be attracted to you to defend, to protect, to cover him, to lean on. It's worth it. Go for it.