One of the common causes of cowardice - weak physical ability. It often happens that arrogant teenagers hurt the weak or painful peers. The same can not say anything in return, taking the humiliation in stride. As a result, turn in on themselves and go on about cowardice, without taking any action to change the situation. The problem of physical weakness to be solved. Enough to enroll in a section of weightlifting, bodybuilding, Boxing and other sports in which the emphasis is on development of strength abilities and the ability to fend for themselves. A few months of regular and targeted training will help you gain the necessary strength for self-defense.
To overcome the psychological reason for the cowardice is often more difficult than the physical. The surest way to meet their fears. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Sit down and calmly think about what you're afraid of. Remember all of life's situations in which fears took the upper hand over you and prevented you to achieve success. Write down all your fears in order from the least important to the most trivial. Recorded? Now look at the three most minor of situations in which you showed cowardice. Try to recreate similar situations in the next two or three days, and to enter them as you would like. Once you manage to overcome cowardice, Pat yourself on the back and note the progress made. Go from overcoming fears minor to major. Over time you will notice how increased your psychological stability.
Their achievements reinforce positive affirmations. Every morning after awakening and at night before sleep say to yourself: "I am confident in myself and my abilities. I am brave and strong. I achieve anything in life, to aspire to". You can repeat statements about yourself or, even better, out loud, standing in front of a mirror. Reading affirmations helps to overcome the psychological barriers that have arisen in your mind during a bad experience.