The popularity of natural fabrics is undeniable. Their advantage is that they freely pass air, allowing the skin to breathe. Such fabrics include cotton. The advantages of dresses made of natural cotton is that they are easy to clean, good wash and easy iron. But 100% cotton has a significant drawback – the dress is also easy to crumple. If you want to sew a dress from cotton, but you need to keep in shape, not Salinas, give preference to cotton fabric with the addition of synthetic fibers, for example, with elastane.
For sewing summer dresses and used linen cloth. She has the same qualities as cotton. The fabric is quite lightweight and does not cause irritation on the skin. It is resistant to sunlight and does not fade. Fabric, like cotton, wrinkled. A little can change the position of the synthetic fibers, such as Dacron.
Dresses made of silk fabric difficult to sew because the material itself is whimsical. It slides, easily jammed, stretched, and when washing painted silk can fade. You need to have the skills to work with it to produce really high-quality thing. Natural silk fabrics are quite expensive. Of them sew evening dresses and dresses for the wedding ceremony.
In recent years regained popularity of lace dresses. Lace fabric for dress is used not just as decoration, but as material for tailoring of all dresses. Given the fact that lace is semi-transparent, the model has lining. Lining is usually sewn from natural fabrics.
Another fabric for summer and evening dresses is chiffon. Lightweight, semi-transparent and well-draped. Chiffon is not an easy work, but it is possible to create a fancy model dresses. The bottom of chiffon dresses, usually layered.
Warm dresses traditionally are made of wool fabric. Wool fabric is soft, it has excellent air exchange qualities, body heat keeps. Natural wool fabric stretches a little, synthetic fibers composed of these properties increase.
Fabrics of artificial origin, used to sew cheap dresses. On the one hand, such a finished product able to hold their shape and drape, they don't crease. But along with these advantages, they are not able to absorb the natural release of the body, they do not allow the skin to breathe. Synthetic fabrics and static electricity can cause irritation on the skin. Do not cause such discomfort they are only a minor presence in the natural fabrics. In this case, they are able to improve the individual quality of the materials and extend the life of ready to wear dresses.